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Why Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles May Be the Best for Your Child

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Parents who would like to buy jigsaw puzzles for their children may find it overwhelming to select the best material from the numerous options that are available in the market today. Below are several reasons why wooden jigsaw puzzles are ideal for your children.

Resistance to Rough Handling

Children can be unpredictable in the way that they react when they are excited or frustrated. For example, a frustrated child can fling his or her jigsaw puzzle set at the wall when they fail to complete the puzzle after several attempts. Such rough handling can damage jigsaw puzzle pieces that were made from less sturdy materials, such as cardboard. Wooden jigsaw puzzles can survive such rough handling without suffering any damage.

Ease of Storage

Wooden jigsaw puzzles also score highly when you consider your options when it comes to storage conditions. Wooden jigsaw puzzles are usually made from timber that has been treated to withstand the common challenges that it may face during everyday use and storage, such as occasional contact with moisture. Consequently, you will not have to undergo the hassles associated with finding a storage location that meets stringent conditions. For example, some people may take the extra precaution of placing desiccants in the containers where they keep jigsaws that are made from less durable materials to protect those pieces from degradation due to the moisture in the air surrounding those pieces. Wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces can be tossed into a box and left in the playroom for an indefinite duration without any fear that those pieces will suffer any damage from the air around them.


Wooden jigsaw puzzles are also a good choice when you consider their carbon footprint. The puzzles are often made from softwoods that can regenerate quickly. Their durability also ensures that they won't have to be regularly replaced. These benefits take on added importance when you consider the unsustainable way in which other types of jigsaw puzzles, such as foam puzzles, are made using manufactured ingredients.

Opt for wooden jigsaw puzzles so that you can enjoy the benefits above. Remember to consider others factors, such as the interests of your child, when you are selecting the specific wooden jigsaw puzzles to buy. Ask for help during the selection process in case you find it hard to select age-appropriate puzzles so that you do not pick something that will be too complex for your child to complete. Contact companies that purchase wholesale wooden jigsaws for more information.